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Pāli keyboard for Windows

Published on 2013/07/19, by in Tech.

I discovered some software for windows that provides the ability to type Romanized Pāli easily in all applications.  Here’s the link. This works on Windows 8 for me and has been said to work well on Windows 7 and XP. It’s a Microsoft Windows keyboard (it’s software) for typing with Unicode Latin-script fonts, for example DejaVu Sans.  The instructions are somewhat straightforward.  Download the zip file, extract it, and run setup.exe.  Following that on Windows 8 you can hold the Windows Key and press spacebar to toggle into this keyboard layout and type Ctrl+Alt and the letter you wish to modify.  For the small letter a with a macron it’s Ctrl+Alt+a.  The full list of keyboard shortcuts is available on the site as well as handy printable charts.  There are other various interesting links and tools on Frank Snow’s website here.

Screenshot of Pali Keyboards for Windows


Screenshot toggling between English US keyboard and US + Pali (Unicode) keyboard


Pali diacriticals for PuTTY

Published on 2013/07/15, by in Tech.

I recently needed the ability to view Pali diacriticals on a remote shell session using the PuTTY application. The following steps were performed on a Windows 8 system.

  • Download and install PuTTY
  • Download and install the DejaVu Sans Mono fonts
    • Extract the archive with 7-Zip
    • Select the four monospace fonts, right-click, and Install
  • Launch PuTTY and edit/create a saved session
    • From the Window Appearance category, Change the font to DejaVu Sans Mono
    • From the Window Translation category, select UTF-8 from the remote character set pull-down
    • Within the Connection Data category, add a LANG environment variable with the value en_US.UTF-8
    • Save the session


Putty font selection


PuTTY translation UTF-8


PuTTY LANG environment variable



Pali in PuTTY



Buddha Dust

Published on 2012/08/10, by in Tech, Utterances.

Just stumbled across another wonderful resource whilst looking for a copy of an old font I had once used called MozPali, which I found within the files and links section:

Evam Me Sutam

All the good old spells begin this way

The Buddha Dust web presence is a presentation of the Pali (The Buddha’s Teaching) in a way that reflects the position that holds that this system is a powerful “spell”* designed to provide both the theoretical substructure and the practical means for accomplishing it’s stated goal of bringing a total and complete end to the experience of Pain: DUKKHA of any sort

What you will find here is a set of tools one can use in one’s effort to put this wonderful teaching into practice. These tools explore the inter-relationships between the Pali Language, The Pali as a system, and understanding and putting the system into practice in today’s world.

Included in the structure is a comprehensive course on the system (The Pali Line) which starts from the assumption that the reader is a complete beginner and ends with the information needed at the most advanced levels — this is itself in the form of a “sutta” (spell) and one should strive to understand it as such. In addition are included various translations and commentaries, critical examinations, an extensive Bibliography, Appendixes to important information, Links, and a FAQ/Announcement/Book Review section called DhammaTalk. Listed below is a “first level” contents for the site, long sections have their own, more detailed contents pages

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