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A Course in the Pali Language

Published on 2012/04/25, by in News.

Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi has been kind enough to offer his introductory Pali course on the Bodhi Monastery website. The website is very well organized for the student and includes not only an entire series of audio lectures but provides various useful grammar tables for download.

Pali Grammar Tables for download (via Bodhi Monastery)
Pali Dictionary Pali Alphabet
Pronoun Conjugation Noun Declension 1
Noun Declension 2 Pronoun Declension
Verb Conjugation Verb Conjugation and Pronoun Declension


A Course in the Pali Language: Through direct study of selections from the Buddha’s discourses — http://bodhimonastery.org/a-course-in-the-pali-language.html

Sutta Studies from the Full Moon Insight Journal

Published on 2012/04/06, by in Utterances.

This month’s issue of the Full Moon Insight Journal includes a study of the Pali verses from the Dhammapada 13 by Andrew Olendski.  Of interest to the Pali student are detailed footnotes on the translation of the Pali into English.

An audio recording of the Pali verse is available for streaming thanks to Dharma Seed

yathāgāraṃ ducchannaṃ

vuṭṭhi samativijjhati

evaṃ abhāvitaṃ cittaṃ

rāgo samativijjhati

Just as rain fully penetrates

A house that has been poorly roofed,

So passion fully penetrates

A mind that’s poorly developed

yathāgāraṃ succhannaṃ

vuṭṭhi na samativijjhati

evaṃ subhāvitaṃ cittaṃ

rāgo na samativijjhatī ti

Just as rain cannot penetrate

A house that has been well roofed,

So too no passion penetrates

A mind that is well developed.

The Pali study of Dhp 13 is also available as a PDF for download.


Free Online Course: Readings in the Madhyama-āgama

Published on 2012/04/01, by in News.
An excellent opportunity to study texts in-depth is being offered. “Extracts from the Madhyama-āgama preserved in Chinese are presented in English translation and compared with their Pāli counterparts.”  Registration is required within the next two weeks so act fast!
The Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg invites anyone interested to join our e learning sutta study course this semester. Participation is free of charge, the only requirement is online registration before the 15th of April and internet access to view the lectures. We will be reading suttas from the Madhyama-aagama in comparison with the Pāli parallels, for more information please visit our website
with much metta,
Bhikkhu Analayo
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