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A Course in the Pali Language

Published on 2012/04/25, by in News.

Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi has been kind enough to offer his introductory Pali course on the Bodhi Monastery website. The website is very well organized for the student and includes not only an entire series of audio lectures but provides various useful grammar tables for download.

Pali Grammar Tables for download (via Bodhi Monastery)
Pali Dictionary Pali Alphabet
Pronoun Conjugation Noun Declension 1
Noun Declension 2 Pronoun Declension
Verb Conjugation Verb Conjugation and Pronoun Declension


A Course in the Pali Language: Through direct study of selections from the Buddha’s discourses — http://bodhimonastery.org/a-course-in-the-pali-language.html

Pali Grammar for Students

Published on 2012/04/25, by in Books.

A Pali Grammar for Students A Pali Grammar for StudentsSteven Collins; Silkworm Books 2007WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 


Pariyatti Learning Center Announces 2012 Pali Workshop

Published on 2012/04/12, by in News.

I recently received word of this upcoming residential course:

Dear Pāli Students,

We are happy to announce a 10-day residential Pāli workshop to be held in California, USA from Sept 23 – Oct 4, 2012.

For more details, including instructions on how to apply, please download this flyer:

With best wishes,
-for Pariyatti

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