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Pāli keyboard for Windows

Published on 2013/07/19, by in Tech.

I discovered some software for windows that provides the ability to type Romanized Pāli easily in all applications.  Here’s the link. This works on Windows 8 for me and has been said to work well on Windows 7 and XP. It’s a Microsoft Windows keyboard (it’s software) for typing with Unicode Latin-script fonts, for example DejaVu Sans.  The instructions are somewhat straightforward.  Download the zip file, extract it, and run setup.exe.  Following that on Windows 8 you can hold the Windows Key and press spacebar to toggle into this keyboard layout and type Ctrl+Alt and the letter you wish to modify.  For the small letter a with a macron it’s Ctrl+Alt+a.  The full list of keyboard shortcuts is available on the site as well as handy printable charts.  There are other various interesting links and tools on Frank Snow’s website here.

Screenshot of Pali Keyboards for Windows


Screenshot toggling between English US keyboard and US + Pali (Unicode) keyboard


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