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Pali diacriticals for PuTTY

Published on 2013/07/15, by in Tech.

I recently needed the ability to view Pali diacriticals on a remote shell session using the PuTTY application. The following steps were performed on a Windows 8 system.

  • Download and install PuTTY
  • Download and install the DejaVu Sans Mono fonts
    • Extract the archive with 7-Zip
    • Select the four monospace fonts, right-click, and Install
  • Launch PuTTY and edit/create a saved session
    • From the Window Appearance category, Change the font to DejaVu Sans Mono
    • From the Window Translation category, select UTF-8 from the remote character set pull-down
    • Within the Connection Data category, add a LANG environment variable with the value en_US.UTF-8
    • Save the session


Putty font selection


PuTTY translation UTF-8


PuTTY LANG environment variable



Pali in PuTTY



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