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Buddha Dust

Published on 2012/08/10, by in Tech, Utterances.

Just stumbled across another wonderful resource whilst looking for a copy of an old font I had once used called MozPali, which I found within the files and links section:

Evam Me Sutam

All the good old spells begin this way

The Buddha Dust web presence is a presentation of the Pali (The Buddha’s Teaching) in a way that reflects the position that holds that this system is a powerful “spell”* designed to provide both the theoretical substructure and the practical means for accomplishing it’s stated goal of bringing a total and complete end to the experience of Pain: DUKKHA of any sort

What you will find here is a set of tools one can use in one’s effort to put this wonderful teaching into practice. These tools explore the inter-relationships between the Pali Language, The Pali as a system, and understanding and putting the system into practice in today’s world.

Included in the structure is a comprehensive course on the system (The Pali Line) which starts from the assumption that the reader is a complete beginner and ends with the information needed at the most advanced levels — this is itself in the form of a “sutta” (spell) and one should strive to understand it as such. In addition are included various translations and commentaries, critical examinations, an extensive Bibliography, Appendixes to important information, Links, and a FAQ/Announcement/Book Review section called DhammaTalk. Listed below is a “first level” contents for the site, long sections have their own, more detailed contents pages


Ancient Buddhist Texts

Published on 2012/06/15, by in Utterances.
A classmate in the recent Pali language course at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) in correspondence with Anandajoti lamented, “it is uncommon to find recitation of the texts in Pali accompanying the Romanized script allowing one to hear proper pronunciation of the language. ”  Anandajoti’s website, “Ancient Buddhist Texts,” subsequently offered both text and audio material.  The site is a treasure trove. “Of additional interest for those finding inspiration and wisdom in the traditional Pali chants is http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/Texts-and-Translations/TT-index.htm#Chanting with Safeguard Recitals (300 page chanting book) and complementary videos with audio covering that material at http://www.bodhilankarama.net/Chanting/Chanting.htm“, said my classmate Linda.  Anandajoti later wrote, “It is good to see Charlie’s new site and that will act as a great resource for anyone studying Pali, I will add it to my links pages soon…” http://records.photodharma.net/audio/audio-tipitaka and http://www.audtip.org/

Sutta Studies from the Full Moon Insight Journal

Published on 2012/04/06, by in Utterances.

This month’s issue of the Full Moon Insight Journal includes a study of the Pali verses from the Dhammapada 13 by Andrew Olendski.  Of interest to the Pali student are detailed footnotes on the translation of the Pali into English.

An audio recording of the Pali verse is available for streaming thanks to Dharma Seed

yathāgāraṃ ducchannaṃ

vuṭṭhi samativijjhati

evaṃ abhāvitaṃ cittaṃ

rāgo samativijjhati

Just as rain fully penetrates

A house that has been poorly roofed,

So passion fully penetrates

A mind that’s poorly developed

yathāgāraṃ succhannaṃ

vuṭṭhi na samativijjhati

evaṃ subhāvitaṃ cittaṃ

rāgo na samativijjhatī ti

Just as rain cannot penetrate

A house that has been well roofed,

So too no passion penetrates

A mind that is well developed.

The Pali study of Dhp 13 is also available as a PDF for download.

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