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Free Online Course: Readings in the Madhyama-āgama

Published on 2012/04/01, by in News.
An excellent opportunity to study texts in-depth is being offered. “Extracts from the Madhyama-āgama preserved in Chinese are presented in English translation and compared with their Pāli counterparts.”  Registration is required within the next two weeks so act fast!
The Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg invites anyone interested to join our e learning sutta study course this semester. Participation is free of charge, the only requirement is online registration before the 15th of April and internet access to view the lectures. We will be reading suttas from the Madhyama-aagama in comparison with the Pāli parallels, for more information please visit our website
with much metta,
Bhikkhu Analayo

Thus Have I Heard

Published on 2012/03/05, by in News.

The first hand accounts of those who heard the Buddha’s teachings were preserved in chants and recitations which were passed on to the present day.  In the Pali language, the narratives begin with the statement “evam me sutam” which means “thus have I heard.”  The Evam.Me website aims to bring alive the ancient words and allow us to hear the Buddha’s teachings as though we had been there firsthand.  Evam.Me serves as a hub connecting Pali language resources, translations of suttas, and contemporary discussion.  We employ content management systems (CMS), blogs, videos, forums, email, and whatever other technology that might bear fruit.  May this work be of great benefit to all beings without exception!

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