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Ancient Buddhist Texts

Published on 2012/06/15, by in Utterances.
A classmate in the recent Pali language course at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) in correspondence with Anandajoti lamented, “it is uncommon to find recitation of the texts in Pali accompanying the Romanized script allowing one to hear proper pronunciation of the language. ”  Anandajoti’s website, “Ancient Buddhist Texts,” subsequently offered both text and audio material.  The site is a treasure trove. “Of additional interest for those finding inspiration and wisdom in the traditional Pali chants is http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/Texts-and-Translations/TT-index.htm#Chanting with Safeguard Recitals (300 page chanting book) and complementary videos with audio covering that material at http://www.bodhilankarama.net/Chanting/Chanting.htm“, said my classmate Linda.  Anandajoti later wrote, “It is good to see Charlie’s new site and that will act as a great resource for anyone studying Pali, I will add it to my links pages soon…” http://records.photodharma.net/audio/audio-tipitaka and http://www.audtip.org/

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